Seaweed package of rice practice


Roasted seaweed two, rice bowl, white vinegar two tablespoons, salt, sugar a little, crab and two, two corn shoots, carrots, cucumber, floss, ham, sausage eggs two
1, seaweed is thin, a piece of. Not usually the kind of soup. Of course, the taste of Korea shipped to the most authentic. Thin seaweed with a microwave oven for half a minute, do not overdo it, lazy and no equipment can skip this step.
2, eggs (2) into the egg skin, cut long strips. The specific method is: eggs break up, into the pan after frying eggs, cut into rectangular, and then cut for long strips. Lazy and do not like eggs can also skip this step.
3, carrots, cucumber each a long strip. Carrots do not eat do not, accessories are floss, crab meat Liu, ham, sausage optional or like, you can also put their own porridge other delicious. In addition to floss, the other can cut into pieces.
4, the rice in the water soak for one or two hours, steamed rice to be soft and hard moderate, the conditions can also be prepared some cooked glutinous rice and millet, three kinds of rice mixed together will be more authentic.
5, rice and water 1: 1 cooked, Sheng into the bowl, add hot sushi vinegar (white vinegar, sugar, salt by 5: 2: 1 ratio modulation) stir evenly, the ratio of rice and vinegar is 5: 1, And then let it cool.
Baked the seaweed package Liang Liang rice, directly to the package of rice as long as dry for a while, not too hot on the line. But usually the rice temperature is slightly lower than the hand temperature, the seaweed on the sushi bamboo curtain spread out, the rice tiled on the seaweed, with a spoon flattened flat (rice thickness of about 0.5 cm), the best With special seaweed, Japanese cuisine can be dedicated seaweed. Shop rice process to try to complete quickly, or seaweed will be due to absorb too much moisture and become soft, can not shape. When wrapped, rice should not be exposed, elastic to moderate. (Can be placed in a pot of water around, at any time with dipped in water will not sticky hand.) And then compaction, and empty the top 2 cm or so of seaweed. Evenly into the appropriate crab wicker, corn shoots and cucumber. Hand roll up bamboo curtain, must be tightened, wrapped into rice balls. Open with a knife cut into small pieces of 1.5cm can be.
Above can put some caviar, as well as stained green mustard and Japanese sauce to eat delicious, salad dressing tomato sauce what can also be.
In addition, eggs, sausages, cucumber, radish, tofu, sesame can also be used, these things seem to have nothing to do, but with the special will be delicious. (Eggs, sausages, cucumber, radish, tofu, sesame seeds cut into the end of the sesame seeds do not cut, the cooked also cooked in advance), on the middle of the rice, the same as above.
Cut the rolls of rice into pieces. Hot or eat in the refrigerator after the ice can eat, different flavors.
Cucumber, sausage (ham also into) diced, with tomato sauce, salad dressing, a little sugar and mix well, can also be fried after adding.