Summer Vibrant Delicious breakfast eliminates summer storms

  High temperature heat is easy to make people feel sleepy, may wish to make a rich breakfast at home, enhance the vitality of the day to eliminate the summer storm.

     ◎ breakfast one
     Materials: whole wheat bread 1, cucumber 100 grams, 1 egg, shrimp 4, 10 peas, milk 100 ml.
     Practices: 1. Seafood egg soup, egg wash first knock into the bowl to break up, into the wash shrimp, peas, milk and a little salt, stir well. 2. The bowl into the boil of the steamer, the steam 6 minutes after the pan, pour the sesame oil can be. 3. Wash the cucumber cut, directly dip in the sweet sauce to eat on it. Whole wheat bread into a microwave oven can be heated for half a minute.
     ◎ breakfast two
     Ingredients: 4 grains of cereal grains, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, 1 egg, 1 slice of low-fat cheese, 2 pieces of lettuce leaves.
     Practices: 1. Grains 4 grains of rice flour washed into a bowl of water with a paste. 2. Put the boiled egg, low-fat cheese slice and washed lettuce leaf in the bread slice.