New product promotion success

 China has a proverb "preconceived", referring to the first occurrence of the transaction can often occupy the market first, play a leading role in the market. But in a market composed of many enterprises, products, how to make consumers in a short time to identify, remember, love in a new brand is a very difficult thing. According to statistics, every year tens of thousands of new products in the world, can really stay in the market less than 10%, to profit for the enterprise to win the product is less and less. Many companies spent hundreds of millions of promotional costs, the effect is not just not ideal, but it is even worse, their new products not only did not promote it, and indeed become other brands to promote the paving stone, then for a manufacturer, How to promote a new product? Should pay attention to those important links in the promotion of new products?


First, with the brand to become a new product to promote the long-term power:


With the consumer''s emphasis on the pursuit of self and individual needs, the market is increasingly turning to diversification, individualization, segmentation and complexity, competition among enterprises from the scale of strength competition, quality competition, technical competition gradually shift to sales competition, service competition , Brand competition, China''s consumer market has gradually from the "consumer goods" into the "brand consumption." In the "brand consumption" era, enterprises can cultivate their own brand, and molded into a well-known brand, will determine a business in the market competitiveness, strengthen brand planning management and operation has become the requirements of the times, become the degree of enterprise modernization and maturity An important sign. For a new product, if you do not establish a brand, we must first establish a sound brand system, with the legal weapons, the rules of the game to protect their products in the market is unique, and competitors to open the operation of the distance. The steps to create a new product are as follows:


1, to understand the industrial environment, to confirm their own strengths and weaknesses, for their own brand positioning


According to Mike Porter''s five force analysis, according to the competitive environment of the industry, establish the core competitiveness of enterprises in the enterprise. Stephen Kim said: "The product is made out of the factory, and the brand is what consumers buy." Consumers do not have to look at all the products and the analysis of the ingredients behind them. If a brand can Let him move six inches, will allow him to shorten the purchase decision. Brand area in the six inches wide mystery space. "Marketing should be based on their own comparative advantages, competitive advantages and competitive advantage, the development of competitors is not easy to catch On the brand difference. For new products, first of all to establish a new product in the minds of consumers how to locate, such as a new car, the first consideration of the car to the consumer brand positioning is "safe", or "economy" or " Style "and so on. A new product if there is no clear brand positioning, then she will be in the future marketing will be vague, the probability of a substantial increase in market mortality.


2. Establish a complete enterprise identification, the formation of maintenance management system


After clarifying the positioning of the brand, we can consider the issue of the so-called CI (Corporateldentity), or consider how to build a corporate brand. In the establishment of enterprise identification, we can ask ourselves the following questions: How many employees know the long-term goal of the enterprise? How many employees know the value of the enterprise? The competent organization knows the intention of the enterprise? Suppliers and distributors know? Look at the image of the enterprise? Through the establishment of a complete CI, so that enterprises under the protection of market law, so that the enterprise''s intellectual property rights can be greatly protected, the probability of competitors to imitate significantly reduced, enterprise product life cycle can be extended.