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 "Food Network Star" judges had that one served up on a plate. Seriously, Lovely? Making doughnuts out of pre-made pizza dough? So many things are wrong with that, starting with...

Pizza dough is for, you know, pizzas. Which means doughnuts made out of said dough are going to be chewy and dough-y -- not light and airy like a doughnut should be. Secondly: Pre-made?!?!? What exactly did Lovely do for an hour''s cooking time if she was just using pre-made dough?
Even Homer Simpson would know better than that. And you''d think Lovely''s teammates, Chris and the Pie Man, would know that. Do you think they looked the other way, knowing that if they fell below she''d be called to answer for such a mistake?
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Lovely''s inedible doughnuts were served up as part of a clever challenge: The competitors were preparing food for moviegoers at an upscale theater where food is delivered to your seat. The nine finalists were divided into teams -- Western, Musical and Romance -- and had to make a trailer to go along with the menu.
Team Western nailed it, thanks to Nikki''s chili and Stacey''s brilliant S''mores-meets-popcorn dessert. (Russell was a bit of a weak link with his bison spaghetti. Get it? Spaghetti western?)
It came down to Lovely, the Pie Man and Viet. The judging panel wasn''t going to send the Pie Man home this week. At least not yet. (He seems to be skating on a thin crust, though, and isn''t exactly wowing the judges with his food.)
And so the last two standing were Lovely and Viet, who also produced a lackluster dessert for the crowd of moviegoers.
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