teachers to share their views

 We''ve asked teachers to share their views on food in schools and how a hungry tummy affected learning.

Most of our children who come to our early childhood centre have had breakfast but sometimes they haven''t because the parents couldn''t get the child to stop watching TV for long enough.
The main problem we have is with children having high sugar levels and additives in their breakfast.
They end up grumpy and have socially unacceptable behaviour. They are also fragile, where the child cries or has a tantrum easily.
We provide a healthy nutritious morning tea, a cooked two-course lunch and afternoon tea.
We avoid all colourings and rarely have processed meats. After lunch our "difficult" children are easier, quieter and more likely to play with their peers.
The problems we have are because parents have little experience and use TV to help them get ready.
They also have little nutrional knowledge so give the children cereals or food chosen because of the advertising appeals to the child.
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