Long time no see

Some times we will inevitably because the life of oppression and looked terribly fatigued, but, when some thought the dissipation of the past again, the kind of spiritual warmth seemed irresistible like full body. Reborn as once again into the fate of the whirlpool ... To as before hong kong gifts & premium.
The journey of life is always long and confused, suddenly gains and losses will also make yourself be taken by surprise at the moment, all was lost in the moment is lost, no impetus for walking. I learned to choose in a time of injury, choose those that are just memories of the past in their own minds filter, not to the accumulation of short-term memory, also do not care about short-term life.
Of course, this also makes my student life invisible, as if no never, no trace. I don''t expect others to remember also dare not imagine other people can remember my picture. Fear of injury so choose to hide!
" Walking in their own scheduled routes, give up the things that belong to me any time gift and premium fair.
Cold gaze in warm-blooded youth who sway, forget this is not heavy boy.
This thought that will calm alone, also think not miss to be in the upcoming respectively period, even some loose a frozen heart in parting when, also at the cold face fled from the people. Refused to admit their mistakes, the stubborn persistence of self hk-business-gift.html.
However, when every day the sun rises again, those smiles warm slip away from me; when only one step every night the road leave traces in the soil. I found the route from showing others intertwined, alone in the rain in the afternoon. Just for a funny picture! He himself is the right choice. They don''t in the method of gain and loss between the injured, sadly I correct walking down and what Mo did not lose, but the price is expensive that I can''t bear ... ...
Another day is lost in this diffuse desert, don''t know how long can wander the world! " Ancient, " a strange and familiar voice came from the distance, let oneself free from the tangled thoughts. Barely a past face light look at my past classmate. " Is it really you, long time no see " sound can be true to distinguish and the joy and wonder, her eyes are kind of off from the heart of the pure and looking forward to life. That moment, I found that the light is so bright, have a kind of unspeakable matter a little light in my heart, this moment, depression collapsed in the chest, crashing, want to vent, vent backlog with the long lonely! Over time, a long time. Slowly that burst out of the emotion, eventually evolved into a heavy sigh and a deeply miss: yes! Long time. Be missing hk-executive-gift.html. "
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